Laboratory of Pathomorphology of Cardiovascular Diseases

The laboratory was established in 1959.

In the laboratory used light microscopy, polarizing microscopy, conducted histochemical, immunomorphological study. 2017 is headed by doctor of medical Sciences Anton Yuvenalievich Postnov.

The main direction of scientific research:

Study of pathological processes in the aortic wall in aneurysms of different genesis.

The most significant results of research during the existence of the laboratory:

• Epidemiological studies of the aorta in healthy individuals, conducted in several regions of Russia and repeated in Ryazan at 40-year intervals, revealed a sharp rejuvenation of atherosclerosis.

• The index of instability of atherosclerotic plaques (the ratio of the total content of lipids in plaques to the total content of smooth muscle cells and collagen fibers) was developed.

• Statin therapy reduces the number of T lymphocytes and macrophages in the endothelium of the coronary arteries, which stabilizes atherosclerotic plaques, preventing the development of unstable plaques.

• Necrosis in the fibrous parts of atherosclerotic plaques is the most common cause of common coronary artery calcification.

• The appearance of active macrophages in the medial layer of the aorta is a risk factor for stratification of the aneurysmally altered aorta. The etiological and pathogenetic processes causing macrophage inflammation in the aortic wall are currently under study in the laboratory.

Head of the laboratory – Dr. Anton Yu. Postnov, MD, PhD, DSc