Head - Ph.D. V. A. Grigin

Doctors – Ph.D. T.D. Bugaev, Ph.D. Z.H. Dadacheva

The department was established in 2003 based on Scientific Medical Research Center of Cardiology of the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation.

Today, this is a part of the federal telemedicine system of the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation, represented by many national medical research centers across the country.

Every year, the division provides more than 1000 remote consultations and "virtual rounds" using telemedicine technologies of interaction between the "National Medical Research Center of Cardiology" and 3-rd level medical organizations throughout the Russian Federation.

Telemedicine consultations are essential in solving the problems of differential diagnostics and treatment tactics, as well as providing a "second opinion" on complex clinical cases. They are carried out both in emergency mode and planned on schedule. The entire telemedicine network allows the patient to receive highly qualified medical care in all parts of the country.

Telemedicine consultations in "doctor-patient" mode and remote monitoring of patients health are planned.

Telemedicine equipment installed in clinical departments and operating centers allows conducting master classes and training cycles. Dozens of scientific and practical events, webinars and clinical analyzes are broadcasted online.