This important support unit exists since the foundation of the Institute of Experimental cardiology because of the need to conduct research using animal models.

Goals and objectives:

A unit that provides animal research to elucidate the pathogenetic mechanisms of cardiovascular diseases and to develop drugs for the prevention and treatment of cardiovascular system pathologies.

The laboratory animal facility corresponds to the highest State standards of Russian Federation. The presence of special equipment, trained personnel and separate rooms allocated in an isolated unit allows you to comply with all the requirements of current legislation in the field of the use of laboratory animals.

Currently, the facility breeds inbred lines of BALB / C, ICR mice and Wistar rats, as well as of special transgenic and knockout lines of mice for scientific research in the laboratories of the Institute of Experimental Cardiology. Work on the breeding of outbred lines of rabbits of the Soviet Chinchilla breed and outbred line of Syrian hamsters is underway. These animals will be used to determine the anaphylactogenicity and pyrogenicity of the investigated new drugs.

Also, the Experimental Biological Clinic has rooms with special conditions that provides an opportunity for carrying out surgical operations on rams and minipigs.

Head of the department – Dr. Igor I. Golovashchuk, PhD in Veterinary Sciences