Department of Endoscopy

Head of the Department
Shuleshova Alla Grigorievna, MD, PhD, Professor

The Department of Endoscopy of the Federal State Budgetary Institution "National Medical Research Center of Cardiology" of the Ministry of Health of Russia was founded in 2012 on the basis of the endoscopy unit which had been in operation since 2002, and is outfitted with advanced “OLYMPUS”-manufactured equipment which allows to diagnose within a short period of time and provide treatment procedures should such prove necessary. The department is unique among the Russian Federation cardiology-profiled inpatient treatment centers, as it specializes in examination and treatment of patients with various conditions, including severe cardiac pathology, in whose case endoscopy examination often raises concern of both the patients and their attending doctors in non-specialized centers and clinics. The procedures are effected under local as well as general anesthesia (during the medication sleep) with the assistance of experienced anesthesiologists and cardiologists.

The department comprises two gastroscopy units, a colonoscopy unit, an inpatient-single-day-treatment unit with comfortable private rooms, a room for waking up after general anesthesia, numerous support facilities.

Attending to the patients are highly qualified, certified endoscopists and gastroenterologists who ensure quality diagnostics and treatment. We offer programs of combined examination of both digestive organs and the cardiovascular system within a single day’s time.

Heading the department is Professor of Medical Sciences A.G. Shuleshova, Doctor of Medical Sciences.

The department works in close collaboration with the department of surgery and the division of endoscopy of Central state medical academy of department of presidential affairs.

Apart from the standard examinations (gastroscopy, colonoscopy, bronchoscopy), we practice the following methods of endoscopic diagnostics and treatment:

  • Impedance-metrics, рН-metrics, Helicobacter Pylori diagnostics
  • gastrointestinal tract benign and malignant tumors early diagnostic methods with additional visualization techniques (examination in the high precision mode HD, NBI)
  • endoscopic hemostasis of gastrointestinal bleeding
  • biopsy, including from patients on anti-reagent and anti-coagulant medication, polipectomy

Peaceful atmosphere, polite staff in combination with professionalism maximally reduce discomfort and inconvenience connected with endoscopic manipulations.

We do our best to provide not only highly quality but also speedy and painless examination.