Head of Department – Evgeny V. Sorokin, М.D., Ph.D.

The department was founded to coordinate and monitor scientific programs at the National Medical Research Center of Cardiology.

Useful Internet resources: (information to be filled in)

  • Ministry of Health of Russian Federation
  • Passports of health facilities
  • System of monitoring of indicators of health care in Russian Federation
  • Unified State Information System in Russian Federation health care
  • Distance education system of the Unified State Information System in Russian Federation health care
  • Central Research Institute for Public Health
  • International Classification of Diseases 10 revision. Online version
  • Federal Service for Supervision in the health sector
  • Federal State Statistics Service
  • Federal State Statistics Service - Section "Population"
  • Scientific electronic library eLibrary
  • National Medical Research Center of Cardiology profile in the eLibrary system
  • Russian Science Citation Index
  • International Scopus database
  • International WebOfScience database
  • International database "GOOGLE Academy"
  • Federal system of monitoring the performance of scientific organizations performing research, development and technological works
  • Russian Science Foundation
  • Russian Foundation for Basic Research


  1. Proposals on research projects for the State research Program of Ministry of Health of Russian Federation, elaboration and methodological assistance in the development of priority research in cardiovascular diseases.
  2. Analysis of cardiovascular morbidity and mortality in population, elaboration of analytical and reference materials.
  3. Analysis of effectiveness of cardiology in Russian Federation. Proposals for the improvement of medical care to patients with cardiovascular diseases.
  4. Analytical reviews and scientific reports about the National Medical Research Center of Cardiology, monitoring and analysis of the publication activity of researchers. Administration and monitoring of inner database of scientific research indicators.
  5. Methodological assistance in research projects, including those for the Russian Foundation for Basic Research, for Ministry of Education and Science of Russia and for Ministry of Industry and Trade of Russia, and the registration of scientific research at the Information Technology Center and Systems of the Federal State Autonomous Scientific Institution.
  6. Participation in the development of federal and regional target programs for the prevention and treatment of cardiovascular diseases and their implementation.
  7. Methodological assistance in the preparation of draft government contracts (agreements) for the execution of research and development work of federal programs.
  8. Effectiveness analysis of primary vascular departments and regional vascular centers in national projects and implementation of actions aimed at improvement of medical care in Russian Federation.
  9. Collaboration with Ministry of Health of Russian Federation, the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences, scientific organizations and medical educational institutions.