The Center for Preclinical Research (CPR) was created at the Scientific Research Institute of Experimental Cardiology (SRIEC) in 2019 on the basis of the Laboratory of Drug Toxicology and the Experimental Biological Clinic, by creating specialized structural and functional groups to solve the main tasks:

  • quality assurance in the field of conducting fundamental in vivo biomedical research in the laboratories and departments of he Scientific Research Institute of Experimental Cardiology, as well as conducting preclinical studies at the modern scientific level in the field of medical and environmental safety of test objects (potential drugs, biomedical cell products (BCP), pesticides, cosmetic products, veterinary preparations, food and feed additives, their components, as well as industrial chemicals) in accordance with GLP principles.
  • Breeding of experimental animals for research in the research institutes.
  • introduction into the practice of research work of the principles of humane treatment of experimental animals;
  • training of CPR staff on FELASA programs of the Basic Principles of Good Laboratory Practice (GLP);
  • monitoring the maintenance of equipment and instruments used in the study, including maintenance, calibration and verification in accordance with standard operating procedures.

Head of the department – Professor Alexander S. Kinzirsky, MD, PhD, DSc